Once again in 2019, I’ll be partnering with the fine people at Henry Stewart Events, bringing my two half-day DAM seminars to New York in May and London in June.

My Fundamentals of DAM tutorial is an introduction to the technology and practice of DAM for newcomers, or relative newcomers. It’s based on my book, but is updated every year with the latest changes to the technology. This half-day tutorial takes apart the nuts and bolts of DAM as both a practice and a technology, so you can better understand what DAM is and how it really works. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of core DAM functionality, and we’ll look at each component in-depth so that you understand what you can really expect from the technology vs. what the vendor sales and marketing materials might tell you. We’ll look at what the technology doesn’t solve, as well as high-level approaches to taxonomy, staffing, and governance.

Finally, there’ll be an overview of the current DAM marketplace, with the opportunity to interrogate me at length about any vendor!

For more experienced DAM practitioners, my advanced tutorial is a technical deep dive into DAM, coupled with case studies and examples of key MarTech touch-points. In this workshop, we focus on the role that DAM plays in the broader marketing technology ecosystem, going into the features and functions of the more complex “enterprise” grade DAM systems, and how they differ. We’ll also look at how DAM fits into a marketing or content practitioner’s day-to-day tasks as you manage ongoing email, web, mobile, social media, and print marketing campaigns. How does DAM integrate and feed into these downstream systems? What systems do DAMs typically pull data from and push to, and how, in order to be effective? You’ll get a deep dive into the industry’s most feature-rich DAM systems, as well as the gamut of technologies for solving the broader digital marketing and content publishing puzzle.

Key learnings will include:

  • Enterprise DAM technologies: what are the advanced features on offer that the simpler systems don’t have? We’ll discuss video management, rights management, artificial intelligence, image recognition, and other features in-depth.
  • Knowing fully what you shouldn’t expect your DAM to do, and what adjacent or supplemental technologies you need.
  • Digital marketing technology that integrates with DAM: what are the tools, and what do they really do? We’ll look at PIM (product information management), CRM (customer relationship management), E-Commerce, marketing automation, web to print, and social media publishing.
  • What you need to do from a project leader / practitioner perspective to bring these technologies together?

In 2019, these workshops will be held May 1 in NYC, and June 26 in London. I hope you’ll join me!