From October through December, I’ll be teaching a six-part educational series in partnership with Henry Stewart Events, “Connecting DAM with the Enterprise”. This in-depth webinar series delves into the details of the hows and whys of DAM integration, and serves as an educational roadmap for connecting your DAM with the enterprise.

The first three sessions will focus on the upstream technologies that feed data into or work in tandem with a DAM: Product Information Management, Rights Management, Marketing Resource Management, Adobe Creative Suite, AI and auto-tagging services, and video and audio production tools.

The second three sessions will focus on downstream technologies that receive and distribute digital assets: Web and Mobile Content Management, Marketing & Campaign Automation, Social Media Publishing, Web to Print and Packaging, Video and Audio Hosting and Streaming, and E-Commerce.

All throughout the series, we will examine how customer relationship management and analytics should influence the entire end-to-end supply chain of digital assets. With 75 minutes planned for each session, you will receive 50 minutes of insights, and then as a group attending the session, you’ll have 25 minutes to submit your questions on any challenges you may face with your DAM integrations.

Can’t make one of the sessions? Don’t worry, a recording will be available on demand for all participants.

Here’s a recent interview where I talk more about the intent and goals of the series: