Digital leaders and marketing visionaries at many of the world’s leading brands, agencies, and cultural organisations have worked with Theresa over the past two decades, collaboratively mapping a practical path to success. Her work is not just “big ideas” — you’ve likely got plenty of those, you’re a smart cookie — she’s here to help you learn about what technology can make your ideas a reality, and then plot out the how at a highly detailed level. A sampling of her clients across various sectors includes:
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Theresa’s specialties include:

    • digital asset management strategy
    • digital maturity assessments
    • digital roadmaps & improvement plans
    • global brand management, asset syndication, and distribution
    • data strategy, design, and system integration
    • technology selection for the digital consumer experience
    • evaluating technology service providers
    • bridging the gap between IT and marketing
    • information governance
    • taking her clients to superb restaurants and bars


Contact Theresa if you’d like to work together towards a utilitarian, workable, and cost-effective approach to your digital goals.

Theresa’s clients and colleagues attest to her expertise and passion for making her clients successful:

In a sea of consultants, Theresa distinguishes herself as a true expert. I was fortunate enough to attend several of Theresa’s trainings years ago. I was frankly floored at the depth of her knowledge, and she’s been a trusted advisor ever since. Perhaps best known for DAM (she’s written an excellent book on it), Theresa’s expertise spans the breadth of the Martech domain, and I’m yet to throw a related curveball she hasn’t seen. She excels at building consensus from the ground up, possessing an implementer’s discipline, an operator’s understanding and a warm personality. At the same time, her work and presence equally speak to the C-suite, simplifying the overly complex, while delivering impactful recommendations that balance efficiency and effectiveness gains with time, costs and maturity. We worked together on a multi-year Martech strategy including tech selection across on numerous supporting engagements over several years. The strategic scope spanned several distinct capabilities serving marketing and commerce, touched a variety of global and regional functions, and had significant visibility at senior executive level. The result transformed our enterprise practice of digital asset management, significantly reduced its costs, and prepared it to quickly play a foundational role in an emerging product content ecosystem to support global digital commerce. I simply can’t recommend Theresa any more highly.

Michael Weeman

Global Senior Director, Consumer Commerce Strategy, The Coca-Cola Company

I first saw Theresa present at a conference where she was the keynote speaker. Theresa possesses a depth of knowledge not only about digital asset management but marketing business systems and processes as a whole, and this was evident from her presentation. It was easy to see the value she would add to my project because of her straight forward, professional, and honest approach.

Theresa helped us analyze our marketing technology landscape and make recommendations that would increase efficiencies. Theresa was able to quickly build relationships among technology and business teams by being straight forward and thoughtful. In turn our organization was able to quickly align behind her recommendation. It is my pleasure to highly recommend Theresa.

Angie Hanna-Bugueiro

VP of Product, Food52

From the moment we met Theresa we knew we were in good hands, and the depth of knowledge in her field was second to none. Her approach is highly professional across the board and we thought nothing of flying her to London to assist us in our decision making.

The benefits Theresa added from day one were invaluable to help us navigate our way through vendor claims and capabilities. With her knowledge of the vendor’s capabilities and our requirements the selection process was neatly trimmed down to those that could deliver. We probably got our return on investment on the negotiation for the final vendor selection alone as she knew how to best approach the company and the deals they had done in the past.

I cannot speak highly enough of how good Theresa is and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Danny Cooper

Executive Director, Made Up Ltd

Theresa has been helping us during our DAM vendors’ selection process. She came with her deep market expertise and great communication/methodological skills. Her contribution was just key and she contributed creating a momentum around DAM within our company.

Being capable of adapting her tone to the audience, she can do the elevator speech explaining DAM importance to the top management while discussing taxonomy with our administrator for hours…

Having Theresa on board just means putting all the odds in your favor, I highly recommend her!

Donald Havas

Associate Director, Ubisoft

I hired Theresa as a consultant to help us with our brand asset management project. She brings an extensive knowledge of DAM vendors and products as well as the ability to translate the tech “stuff” to the business units. It is clear that she cares deeply about us as a client and is committed to ensuring that we find the right fit for both our technical and creative users. She is also fun to work with, extremely efficient and always delivers above and beyond what is expected. I highly recommend Theresa.

Sharon Stulberg

Head of Global Business Development, American Museum of Natural History

We hired Theresa for CMS selection and operative model creation. Simply put, I don’t think anyone nor any company should go about selecting a CMS without the help of Theresa. We were able to make some fundamental changes in the selection process – it was no longer an IT job – it really was a business decision.

Theresa helped us go through the initial analysis and background work, selling this approach to our IT, vendor selection and RFP, vendor evaluation and selection process. We have also created a custom made change management process with Theresa’s help.

Not only does Theresa drive for results she is wonderful to work with. She has been able to work with all levels of management as well as marketing and IT. She is a true professional and always suggests actions to make client’s life easier. She is also very honest and transparent.

I can recommend Theresa to a company of any size without a doubt.

Sonja Wilson

Data and Delivery Manager, IKEA

Theresa has an unusual and highly effective skill set and is equally at home with content and content management. She moves fluidly between creative types (because she is one herself) and technical types (ditto.) Her deep understanding of client needs and how best to serve them means that she’s always in demand; her ability to communicate those needs to a team is unparalleled in clarity; and her spirit is both inspiring and uplifting, whether you’re working with her, or for her, or if she’s working for you. What’s more, a smarter, funnier, sharper person doesn’t exist on this planet.

Kate Bernhardt

Communications and Media Consultant, KB Media & Marketing

Very few people have the level of passion that Theresa does for her work. Fewer still have the talent and brilliance to excel. And if that wasn’t enough, working with her is fun. Her enthusiasm, personality, and wit will turn any project into a joy to work on.

Jeremy Kriegel

Director of User Experience, Audible Inc.

What can I say about Theresa? She is a great consultant, a content management expert, and a kind person.

In my experience, she can attack any situation and effectively communicate solutions and manage through the execution. She is incredibly valuable to any web / content initiative a company may be considering.

Philip Wisniewski

Growth Director - Advisor, icp


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